Il mondo che non vedo (The world i do not see) is the photographic project that Fabiano Parisi develops and carries out since 2007. Recent winner with this work of Celeste Prize International 2010, the artist shoot with his personal style abandoned and derelict places. Framing are strictly composed so as to create in the viewer a sense of wonder, because Parisi knows how to turn the ruin and desolation in elements with a mysterious beauty, through the geometries that wind, very pure and involuntary like the day in which they have been built, between rust and mould. Like old monuments, with pillars that still rise to support metal skeletons of ancient times, in the now empty facades that unfold in spectacular reflections created by water on the floor of old factories, in the halls once dominated by the presence of noisy machines, monsters that seem asleep. Cinemas and theaters that seem carefully settled up to show the ruins in a spectacular way, churches in the dust still with an original fascination, luxury rooms of noble’s villas that still remains so proudly showing emblems, murals, wood paneling. As the critic Chiara Canali writes “on Fabiano Parisi’s shots, marked by a rigid central perspective, the attention to detail, the lack of human figures, creates a strange atmosphere of expectation, on the edge of the surreal.” That sensation increases when the lens focuses on an old carousel, a lounge where a foosball seems waiting for the old players, on an empty shamelessly swimming pool. Parisi pay attention in all the photographic process, all of his picture are printed by himself, and after that he works on his prints by turning them into “one off” piece: the photographs are applied on iron or wood, framed, handled with mixed media and resins, which gives the end result a unique feature.
Text by Roberto Mutti, 2011.

All the artworks are pigment print on premium photo paper, mixed technique and resins on iron or wood
Main formats are 135×100 cm, 150×110 cm. If you require any further information, please feel free to contact

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