The Sunset

Germany, 2009

During the 20th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall, in 2009, I have celebrated the event with a photo series, focusing my attention on former DDR and Soviet places that were abandoned during the 90’s. The Sunset is a trip in the recent history of Germany; these places have still their own life, they bear the sign of the time, but they are not noticed by anyone nowadays, perhaps to erase a painful past. But people forget how many stories have gone by inside, and how many are still inside in these no one man land that silently keep on standing. Photographs are presented as dyptichs, to see how perspective and the significance of these places could change.
With or without the human presence.

Giclèe print on baryta paper, with Canon Lucia EX inks – Dyptichs – Edition of 8
All the photographs are printed by the artist itself with Canon large format printer with 12 pigment inks Lucia EX, in limited edition of 8.
Main formats are 110×75, 150×100 cm. If you require any further information, please feel free to contact